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Autonomous vehicles can take us anywhere but motor insurance claims and vehicle workshops have not received the love they deserve.Everyone involved in the process experiences cost inflation, slow processing time, lack of transparency and in some cases, fraud. Nothing about this made sense to us... and so we sent out to build.

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Vehicle accidents are stressful events. Many people are involved in resolving the many issues that need to be addressed in the aftermath of an accident. We are here to help.

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Tired of dealing with inflated insurance claims and endless paperwork?InsurLogic has the solution! Our platform streamlines the claims process, providing a single location for all your relevant information. Say goodbye to frustration and expense, and hello to streamlined efficiency with InsurLogic.

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Vehicle workshop?

Save money & hassle

Ready to ditch outdated emails and hard copies for managing your automotive workshop?Get paid faster, reduce your workload, and save time with our intuitive, all-in-one solution. From invoicing & CRM to processing claims & procuring discounted parts, our workshop management system does it all.Upgrade your business today with our state-of-the-art workshop management system.

Need a second opinion?


Ready to save money on insurance claims? Our panel of independent industry experts is what you need!With fast, accurate repair estimates and integrated claims management and survey assessment services, you can save thousands and each claim and cut your turnaround time by up to 100%.Let our experts help you today!

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About us

Are you tired of dealing with archaic motor insurance claims and vehicle workshop processes that inflate costs and take forever to resolve? Yeah, us too. That's why we founded InsurLogic - to empower cheaper and faster vehicle repairs for everyone.With decades of combined know-how and experience gleaned from workshop management, surveying, insurance, fleet management, electric vehicles, and tech startups, we've seen firsthand the pain points that plague the industry. But we didn't just sit around and complain about it - we took action and built something better.So if you're ready to join the revolution and get your car fixed faster and cheaper, give us a shout!

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